February 2, 2010


Well, the diet ended, and now that we've been back on solid foods for about a week, we have our final results!

Aaron's down 7 pounds! I'm so impressed with him (and a little jealous too).

I'm down about 5 pounds (give or take one, depending on the day and when I weigh myself) from where I was at the beginning of the diet!

Pretty good results, considering we were only doing the lemonade only diet for 5 days, which is actually a lot shorter than most people recommend for a successful cleanse diet. Most people do it for a MINIMUM of 10 days and tack on a 3 day ease-in and ease-out on the beginning and end, making the whole process over 2 weeks long. We did a 2 day ease out, so the whole thing lasted a week. 5 pounds in one week? Yes please!

I'm thinking about doing it again after I graduate. I would do it again during the semester, but it's just too hard when I'm taking the classes that I am. Like cooking class- I had to miss out on eating for one of my cooking labs, which was SO hard since I had just spent 2 hours cooking and smelling it all. So I can't do the diet again until I'm out of that class.

On another note, we got our taxes done yesterday, and according to the volunteers who filed them for us, we should have our money in about 1 1/2 weeks! We're debating now what we should do with the money... It would be great to save it all, but my laptop is struggling these days, and my camera isn't that great anymore either. I got both the camera and the computer my senior year of high school, and while I've loved both of them dearly, they're just falling behind the current technology. And I would love a desktop computer, since I don't really have much need of something as portable as a laptop or netbook. And, if we get a computer while Aaron is still in school, we can put it as an educational expense on next year's taxes, since I'm sure Aaron will be doing all kinds of school stuff with it, being an IT major and all. I don't know, we still need to figure out what would be best. Any suggestions are welcome!

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