February 28, 2010

A photo update

I've been neglecting putting up some photos that I've taken. So here they are, delayed though they may be.

Nate and Rachel gave us this great "Kimbler, Families are Forever" sign as a wedding gift, and until recently, it was sitting all alone on the wall above our dining table. We bought these frames a while ago, but we didn't have all the pictures that we wanted to put in them, and the frames were all black, which didn't look great with the brown sign. So, crafty as I'm trying to be, I bought some paint and made them brown. I'm pretty proud of myself, small accomplishment though it is. I just don't have a whole lot of time for stuff like this!Aaron is great. On Valentine's Day (kind of; we celebrated on the Saturday of that weekend), he got up before me, went to the grocery store, a florist, and came back and made breakfast. (The flowers were beautiful!) He made french toast (which was amazing-- a new recipe which I think we'll be using a lot more now!) and blueberry muffins. Unfortunately, in his rush to get all the food ready before I woke up and came into the kitchen, he misread the directions on the back of the muffin mix box and added an extra cup of water to the mix. Oops! The muffins were still good, they just don't rise and get fluffy with all that extra water. I ate one, but I left it up to my poor husband to eat the rest. Good effort, Aaron.

This is the basket I won from the Mary Kay drawing on Valentine's Day. Four friends came over yesterday for our free facials and it was pretty fun, though I didn't expect it to take as long as it did. Oh well!Oh and my countdowns? Here they are:
  • My birthday: 7 days
  • End of classes: 44 days
  • Aaron's birthday: 48 days
  • Graduation: 53 days
The Harry Potter countdown is too long and depressing, so I'm leaving it out for now.

Also, Aaron and I have been married for 288 days <3

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n8'swife said...

great job on the craftiness!