November 8, 2015

Halloween 2015

This year we decided to be Ninja Turtles for Halloween!

I actually kind of decided this a year ago when I found the cute Ninja Turtle sleeper (with cape!) on sale the day after Halloween.  I immediately bought it in the size I predicted Brandon would be for his first Halloween.  So it wasn't too much of a leap to decide we would represent the whole gang.  I actually had originally planned to be April.  But then I looked at what she wears...  Yellow, low cut jumpsuit?  No way.  I'll be Donatello, thanks.

I was nervous that Andrew would refuse to dress up since he just doesn't do a lot of costumes here at home.  But we talked up the ninja turtles for months before Halloween so he was ready to go!  He loved it!

We went out with our good friends and got so much candy around my neighborhood that we parents had to help carry the goods.  It was pretty great and Andrew and Addie were so cute- they would knock on the doors and yell, "Trick or treating!"  Brandon was exhausted by the end of the night since it was well past his bedtime but I was glad we took him out so we could all trick-or-treat together.

For other Halloween festivities, we carved pumpkins and roasted the seeds.  Andrew "helped" a lot... meaning he played in the bowl of pumpkin guts and washed his hands (repeat x10).  Oh and he ate a bunch of the roasted seeds too.  My parents also came a couple of days before (to help with the basement again) and we made some fun cookies that Andrew got to help decorate.

I didn't buy any clearance costumes this year, so I have no idea what we'll be next year!

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