October 27, 2015

8 Months


Brandon is 8 months old.

It's been a pretty busy month for this little guy (and all of us).  He rode on an airplane for the first time, met lots of cousins, aunts, and uncles for the first time, mastered crawling, and tried to walk.

Last month Brandon was making his first attempts at crawling with his belly off the ground, after a while of successful army crawling.  Now he's a master crawler and has moved on to cruising.  Not only that, but he also loves to walk while pushing a toy around.  We bought him a walker and he loves getting around while pushing it, or he just uses a big toy truck and pushes that around.  He seems to think he's a big kid and tries really hard to keep up with Andrew.

We've started to introduce the sippy cup to Brandon this month.  He's not terribly interested in it though- he prefers his bottle for sure.  I gave him some juice in a sippy though and he loved that, but only as long as I held him like I hold him when he has a bottle.  He's done okay when I put some formula in it and have him sit in the high chair but he sometimes just chews on it instead of holding it up high enough to drink.  We'll have to keep working on it if we want to stop using bottles at a year like we did for Andrew.

No sign of teeth yet.  Aaron seems to be a little anxious about this.

And no haircut yet either.  I think we'll do that soon though, since Brandon's hair is getting so long in the front that little whisps are getting in his eyes pretty regularly.

New Things for Brandon this on Month:
Airplane ride
Sippy cup
Some new foods
Walking with walker

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