March 14, 2014

Spring Crafting

I love spring.  I really do.  My problem with spring is that it always comes late!  (Or maybe I'm just ready for it too early...)

I'm always ready for winter to be over after one or two good snowfalls; just enough for me to make a snowman and take Andrew out to play.

I had been looking recently, on Pinterest mostly, for ideas for my front door.  Since we haven't done any landscaping or gardening yet, our house looks a little boring without some decoration on the door.  So it was really nice to have our Christmas wreath out there, long past the time when the other Christmas decor was put away.  I finally found some inspiration.  I went to the craft store and then my mom and I created this wreath during the last big snow storm (while Aaron was out of town).

I think it turned out really cute and really livens up my house!  Unfortunately it looked a little weird out there until the snow finally melted, but now that it's nicer weather, it certainly makes the house look like we're ready for spring!

1 comment:

Becky said...

Your little guy looks adorable!

That wreath is so cute!