October 21, 2013

Family Weekend

For Columbus Day/Canadian Thanksgiving, my family all got together at my parents' house.  It was such a good weekend- I think we all got together last in March.  It just doesn't happen often enough!

Cassie's birthday was on Sunday, so we made her a cake, inspired (but not totally followed) by a recipe I found on Pinterest.

We walked through the Paw Paw Tunnel (even though it was "shut down").

We ate lots of good food.

But mostly we just got to hang out and play.  I got some cuddle time with baby Graham.  Andrew did some rough housing with Uncle Doug.  Aaron (and his team) won a few rounds of Tri-Bond.  All in all, it was great.

And we even managed to get a picture of all the cousins sitting together.  That was seriously an accomplishment!

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The Browning Bunch said...

Andrew is such a cutie! I can't believe your whole family is married and has kids! It must be so fun to get all the cousins together!