January 15, 2013

One Month

I can't believe it's been a month since Andrew was born!  In some ways it feels like he's always been with us and in other ways I feel like he just joined us yesterday!  We're definitely still figuring things out and learning about life with a baby, and the apartment is in a constant state of disaster, but we love our little guy so much.

I think Andrew is going to grow up thinking his name is "Little Man" because that's what I call him all the time.  Oops!

He's now wearing 0-3 month clothes- he's a pretty skinny and long baby (compared to the clothing anyway) so the newborn clothes still fit him around even when they were starting to get too short for him.  We finally moved him up this past week.

New things for Andrew this month:
Being born
Meeting some family on the Brayley side
First Christmas
First New Year

Andrew loves being held, so I really don't get anything done during the day.  I try to put him down when he falls asleep but he somehow knows and lets me know he does not approve.  But I've started to accept the fact that it's okay if all I accomplish is taking care of my baby.  Everything else can wait.  I'm hoping this isn't permanent, but for now it's okay.  Because I get to cuddle this sweet little boy all day!


Karey said...

He is so precious Erika! I can totally relate about having to hold the baby all day long. Jack has his days like that, but nothing like Lincoln! He was a very needy baby. The thing that really saved me was learning what worked for us as far as babywearing goes. I ended up really liking a ring sling and a moby wrap. Do you have anything like that? If you'd like to try, I'd be happy to stop by some evening (after I get over my cold, of course) and show you how it works. It was seriously a lifesaver for me, because even on those days when nothing else gets done, it's helpful to have a hand or two free to at least make yourself a sandwich! :)

Mariko said...

You have a whole lifetime of chores and etc. Those newborn cuddles will only last so long. Live up the loving and the lazy, life is a different kind of busy, but it is the best kind of busy that you will want back when they are older!

I miss him already! And I know we will see y'all at the blessing, but I will have to share, so we will have to plan another trip where I can have him to myself!