October 13, 2011

Austin and Mariko (and Harrison) come to visit

The Brayley #3 family (Austin, Mariko, Harrison) came to visit us last Saturday!  This was the first time that they've come up to see us and our new apartment and had fun with them.

We hung out at the apartment for a while, went to 5 Guys for lunch, hung out again (while we digested), and then went for a walk (to work off what we had just digested) in the Nature Preserve walking trails that are near us.  It turned out to be a pretty warm day and we had a good walk.  I got a WORKOUT from carrying Harrison for a bunch of the walk.  He's a big boy!

Harrison seemed to be getting a little tired by the end though.  All that hard work of being carried all the time... ☺

We also gave them our extra TV while they were up here.  It barely fit in the trunk of their car, and Mariko claims that she's going to go blind because it's so big.  Nice.

1 comment:

Mariko said...

Um, those pictures of me are awful!! So gross.

We are glad we got to come see you and your awesome place!

And seriously, big TV.