November 8, 2010

Beach Boys, Books, and Sewing Snowflakes

Apparently I haven't done anything exciting lately.  At least nothing photo-worthy, since I have taken about 0 interesting photos since my last post.  Lame.

Ok, so that's not entirely true.  (Just mostly true.)  I work at the Covey Center in Provo.  Often, the performances there are pretty cool, but I'm usually content to watch from the monitor by my desk.  However, last week we had the Beach Boys do a concert there!  Only 2 of them were original Beach Boys (the rest were significantly younger), but they did more than 2 hours of classic Beach Boys hits.  Because things went so smoothly I was able to stand in the performance hall for a chunk of the concert.  It was pretty neat.  I even got a little déjà vu listening to a few of the songs since I heard them so often when my marching band did a Beach Boys show.  Those of us working that night also got to eat leftovers of the Beach Boys' dinner and a pie/tart (all made by my coworker, Keri).  Yum.
Beach Boys concert (sad photo quality because I took this from my phone)
It was finally my turn on the library waiting list last week for the second book in the Hunger Games series, Catching Fire.  I read it really quickly because:
     1. It was awesome
     2. There were no good stopping places, especially at chapter breaks.
Even the end of the book is a terrible stopping place.  This is really unfortunate because I am number 255 on the waiting list for Mockingjay.  I'm tempted to buy the book just so I don't have to wait that long to read it.  Although I'm number 18 on the list for The Lost Hero, the first book in the "sequel series" to the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.  So at least I'll have something new to read soon.  I'm also rereading the Ender's Game series, so even though I have to wait for new things I want to read, at least I have something.

Lastly, I'm sure you've been anxious about my snowflake table runner.  Ok, maybe not, but I'll show it off for a minute anyway.  I still need to do some quilting stitches on it, but unless you look closely, you won't even be able to tell.  This has been the most complicated sewing project I've ever taken on without my mom's help, and though there are a few small mistakes, I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out.

Happy Monday!

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Mariko said...

The table runner looks GREAT!!