August 8, 2010

Long Time, No Post

It's been a while... oops...

Well, this is Aaron's last week of summer term, which is super exciting because he was taking 9 credits in addition to working and it's been insane.

Unfortunately, it's also my last week at work.

To recap:  my job is a student job, but my supervisor petitioned to the CIO (University VP) to allow me to stay since my replacement wouldn't be here until just before fall semester.  He initially said no, but because we made a good case for it, he came back and approved it.  However, the approval came with an hour-limit.  I am only allowed to work 910 hours for the year (starting in January), including the time when I was still a student.  Those hours will run out on Tuesday, so that's my last day.  I'm actually starting to get really sad about leaving.  I've been with this organization for 2 years and I've loved it and I've loved the people I've worked with.

Also, no luck so far on the job search.  Hopefully something works out soon.

In other news, since Aaron and I decided to go to a movie instead of watching the 4th of July festivities, we decided we couldn't miss out on Pioneer Day.  So we went to Spanish Fork to see the fireworks.  It was actually a pretty good show, set to music and everything (including everything from Disney to Amazing Grace on bagpipes).  We had a lot of fun watching the little kids running around the field with their glow bracelets and necklaces, and of course the fireworks too.  (However, I didn't look so hot that night, so all you're getting is a picture of Aaron.  He's a cutie.)  Oh and a video too, since the fireworks kept going for a little while even after the music was over.

Remember our flowers that we're growing outside our apartment?  They are massive now.  Some of them are over 2 feet tall!  We took these pictures a couple of weeks ago:
There are now at least triple the number of opened flowers and the colors are much brighter.  I would take an updated picture now, but it's dark outside and I'm too lazy :)

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Mariko said...

My brother and his wife just bought a house in Spanish Fork. They said they are in the boonies!!

Congrats to Aaron on finishing up a BUSY summer!!

And good luck with the job search. Things will work out!